Monday, July 2, 2012

Stopping to Catch my Breath

Sorry for the disappearing act . . . . man, have I been BUSY. Still trying to take a moment to catch my breath.

So, here are the vital updates.
Caspian is HOME. We are delighted to have him. The people at the camp charged him $128 to drive him to the bus station (70 cents per mile from the site) . . . and they proceeded to let him know that by "being a quitter" he was risking not getting hired by any employers . . . damaging his resume and his reputation . . . setting a bad example .  . grrrrrrr. Just made me that much happier to have him home.

I taught a workshop at the state homeschooling conference and it went really well. I had almost 30 people there. Nicole was on a panel in another session and also did a wonderful job. We had fun seeing people we only seem to connect with every year or so.

Work is keeping me more than hopping . . . I really am longing for some time off, but it's not in the cards as of yet.

We started back on the paleo diet a few weeks ago. This time it was actually at my urging because, just before heading to Maupin, my BP was running 220/110 WITH full medication and I was getting nervous. The ONLY think that drops it is this stupid diet that drives me nuts. So now I am running under 130/90 consistently and that is with NO medication (I was taking five pills a day for it). I'm sleeping better, losing weight and feeling more energetic. Doesn't mean I like the diet or enjoy it, but . . . hard to argue with results like those. Instead, I shall just grumble a lot.

Nicole leaves in about 80 days. Sigh. So excited for her, but miss her already. Currently she has finished taking doula training, and is now in bartending classes, which will be followed in a couple of weeks with scuba diving lessons. I asked her if she planned to be the first person to help a couple with an undersea birth and then toast with a drink so she could merge all three interests. :)

Coryn is well and fine . . . gearing up for his third year at Not Back to School Camp. Talking about getting a driver's license. Snicker. Not yet, buddy. One child at a time and we just got Nicole taken care of. Insurance may force us into bankruptcy otherwise.

That's my update for now. Joseph is fine, I'm fine. Life goes on. I try to appreciate every day and most of the time, it's easy to do. Hope you can say the same.


Julie said...

Hmm, I think I missed a post while traveling. Hope to hear the rest of Caspian's story in a letter at some point. Glad to hear he is home and all else sounds well.

Ami said...

Can I say 'assholes' on your blog? Let me know. Because the people who treated Caspian like that are assholes. The people in charge are assholes. Some of them may actually be dipshits AND assholes.

But if I can't use that word here, you'll have to let me know.

I also know words that start with F.

Medical Librarian said...

I'm so glad Caspian's home. :)