Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grab a Stamp--Please?

Hey there. Just returned from visiting Caspian and struggling to help him fit in with a bunch of kids he really has nothing in common with. After sitting in the circle with him and listening to everyone discuss their 'greatest accomplishments', I realized that since he hasn't done drugs, been abused, or gone to school, he really had nothing to connect with most of these kids.
Anyway, he told me that letters and cards make all the difference to him, so I am asking anyone who is willing to take a moment to send him a note, a card, something to make him smile. Just leave a comment here or contact me via email and I will share the address with you. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tami,
I would love to drop Caspian a little card, let me know where to send it.

Take care,

WritingGoddess said...

Vicki, it is:
Caspian Orr
c/o Northwest Youth Corps
Red Team
2621 Augusta St.
Eugene OR 97403

Thanks so much! Just let him know you're a friend of mine.

Medical Librarian said...

That makes for a rough summer for Caspian. Dropping him a note tomorrow, Tami.

Medical Librarian said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll be sending something out this weekend


Delmajesty said...

I'd love to send a card or something if he still needs a pick me up. I stumbled on this blog a little late.