Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello all (yes, you DOZEN of followers, I mean YOU!). We had a wonderful trip to Maupin. It is the first time we have gone there and back and not spent time on the side of the road with some kind of malfunction. :) Almost made me nostalgic for engine problems. Almost.
It was a hot, sunny, windy weekend and I was reminded of how much I adore camping there. The beauty is amazing. Nicole and I read two books each, wrote lots and lots of letters, and talked. There were a few naps taken, plus tasty meals from the cooler and made on the cook stove. Both sons were missed, but we also did not have to worry that they were bored AND we never ran out of food. :)
Since we have returned, I have gotten back to work, Nicole is taking doula training, and life continues.

Here is one thing I don't get though.
If you've been reading here or know me in person, you know that high blood pressure is a problem for me. I have been to a couple of doctors and I am taking three medications to keep it under control. Well, to try and do so, because basically, nothing works. They thought it was caused by kidney stones. Stones are gone now (some MUCH MORE painfully than others). They attributed it to the hyperparathyroidism. They fixed that too. High BP is still there. WITH meds, it averages 180/110. Without, well . . . let's just not go there.
Only ONE THING seems to stop it. ONE. And it makes me mad 'cuz I really don't like the ONE at all.  It's the paleo diet. J. wants this diet 24/7 and I cannot argue with the research, but it just isn't ANY FUN. I really struggle with it.
What happens when doing something you really, really don't like results in two things you REALLY DO (lowered BP and losing weight)??? Talk about ambivalence!
I don't know what it is about the damn diet that has this reaction with me. It isn't not drinking coffee, because I've gone coffee free before and it made no difference. It isn't not using salt--I don't use salt. Whatever it is, it's fast. Today, with meds, my BP is down almost 100 points from where it was a week ago. That's a bunch, man. (And helps to explain why I am so tired I don't want to get off the couch.) I'm already cutting back on meds and we've only been doing this for TWO DAYS. That just doesn't make sense to me. . . .
Oh well. It's just food, right? Eat what you don't like but live way longer (or maybe you just feel like you do?!).  Stay tuned.

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Suzanne Stannard said...

Gee. I got that Paleo diet book. I wonder what I did with it. I read it and REALLY didn't like what it told me to do. I read about the Paleo diet in Prevention or some such magazine so I got the book. I don't know. It might have gone to the Goodwill. I wish I had it back now to take another look.