Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maupin Bound (One Way or Another)

Tomorrow is the departure day for our annual trek to the desert region of Oregon. Yes, boys and girls, time for VW camper buses from all over the country to gather in a lovely valley appropriately named the Oasis. Surrounded by the roaring white water river on one side and mountains on the others, it is time for hippies to reunite amid tie dying, beer tasting, music playing, and much more. It is the highlight of our summer in many ways. We start counting the day when spring is just starting.

This year's experience is going to be a bit different than in the past, however. A BIG plus is that Nicole will be here. Last year, she was in Alaska when we went to the event and although I had a nice time, it was definitely not as fun without her with me. Those long hours writing letters in the sunshine were a lot lonelier. This year, she IS home and will be with us. Another plus is that my work schedule opened up enough that I won't be worrying about what I should be doing.

On the minus side of the equation . . . . neither son will be with us. Caspian is back at NYC doing the summer session of work out in the wilderness. He will not be home until July 22, but a parent's weekend will let us visit somewhere in between. Coryn is going to stay home so that he can go camping with a group of his friends from the community center. The six are already down to three. :)

The other minus . . . we will be driving our Mercury Van Villager to this VW event. (I wish I could find a license plate holder that said, "My other car is a Volkswagen . . . but it's in 500 parts in the garage.") Why? Because the engine of the bus is not IN the bus. Joseph has been working on it all week and got to the point of putting it back in . . . and can't do it. He tried for hours and hours and hours yesterday. Coryn and Nicole were right there helping him. Today, his arms are COVERED in bruises--looks like someone beat him. And the engine is still on the floor. We have asked others for help, but to no avail. Everyone is . . .  too busy, apparently.

So today will be spent unearthing the camping trailer, filling the coolers, checking sleeping bags, buying a new air mattress, and making lists of what else needs to be done. I am very sad that we can't go in the bus, more for how I know it impacts Joseph than anything else, but I am still excited about getting away for four days and soaking up the sunshine in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The carriage that takes me there is just not relevant to me.

Off to the desert!


Medical Librarian said...

Hope you have a great few days in the desert.

Bev said...

It's the driver that makes the difference, not the carriage. :D:D
Have a blast!!