Saturday, June 2, 2012

Followed by a Perfect Saturday

This morning, Joseph and I slept in until 9. We then got up and went to downtown Gresham for a delicious coffee and a stroll through the Saturday Market. He bought tomato plants and herbs for the garden, while I bought some bagels. Then we followed our tradition and bought a bratwurst (on a stick, Jose!), sat on the curb and ate them while we people watched. Then, we walked slowly back to our car. All I could think the entire time is that these ARE those moments we will remember and cherish. I can't imagine going through my life with a better man, or being luckier than I am to have him, four beautiful and successful children, a strong and fulfilling career and this perfect Saturday morning.

There are worries, concerns, problems and conflicts, of course. But for today, they have been pushed to the background and I am focusing on the blessings. Wishing the same for each of you who stopped by to read.

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Nairb said...

Hi there T.
interesting stuff-
hope all is well as of today July 3