Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like It? Great. . . It's Over

Companies like Netflix, and Hulu, plus libraries and cable TV have made it possible to watch a huge variety of TV series that are no longer made. In many ways, this is wonderful . . . but I always feel like I am about six steps behind. Everytime I find a great series I really like, it is either (a) already off the air or (b) on its last season. Oh sure, there are quite a few on TV currently that I like watching--"The Big Bang Theory" is charming; "Supernatural" is a family favorite, and I have recently been enjoying the series "Parenthood".  But some of the series I like best aren't around anymore.

It started years ago with "Star Trek: The Next Generation". By the time I started watching it, it was on its final season. Sigh. Then, later I started watching "Buffy" and "Angel". The entire family became Whedonites. And then, of course, both series, along with the wonderful "Firefly", all went off the air. Sigh again.

Now it's "Six Feet Under". I knew that Jasmine loved the show when it was on, but we were in the middle of a number of other series, so I kept bumping this one to the end of our Netflix queue. Finally, it got to the top and we started watching it, and now Nicole, Coryn and I are hooked. Great characters, fascinating stories, unexpected plots twists and what a cast! We started with season 1 and today we watched the first disc of season 5--the last season. We talked about how much we will miss the characters .  . . after you spend that many hours watching them, knowing their secrets, seeing their mistakes, laughing--and crying--at their situations, you feel like you KNOW these people. When I started watching the show, Michael Hall was Dexter playing a gay funeral director . . . Now he has become David playing a serial killer. (If you don't watch those shows, that statement doesn't make any sense . . . I know, just roll with it . . ) We will finish up the show just before Nicole leaves for Oz. Yes, that is only about a month away. BIG SIGH.

Guess there will be a lot of people missed by then, eh?

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Aimee said...

When Michael Hall married his co-star on Dexter (I forget her name!), I kept thinking, the gay serial killer married his sister :P

I'm currently watching Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix. Have you guys watched it? I'm enjoying it a lot, and it seems like a show your family might like.

Becca and I have been watching some Buffy together and it seems she's old enough now to fully (or, mostly anyway) get it. It was fun to laugh with her at the fabulous silly humor of a Whedon show! (Also, as a Whedon fan, look up the youtube show, on the Geek & Sundry channel, called "Written by a Kid." The first episode stars Joss Whedon and is hilarious.)