Monday, November 5, 2012

Catchin' Up

Sheeesh. Sorry for the disappearing act. I don't even get money and fame like professional magicians do.

Life continues to kick my butt with work and family. I love my job but I just cannot seem to get caught up. In the last two weeks of October, I kept track and I was offered 19 jobs. Of the 19, I turned down 3, took 14, and two were pending. Since then, both have come through.

I guess that explains why work is kicking my butt.

Family . . . busy boys . and a girl oh, so far away. She has had to make some big decisions about what to do, where to go, and how to spend the rest of her time in Australia and I am hoping great adventure is right around the corner for her. I still get a kick out of talking to her on the phone and hearing those peacocks in the background.

We celebrated our 30th anniversary the day before Halloween. It was a sweet day . . . spent hanging out at Goodwills, going out to eat and working on rearranging the bedroom.

Two broken teeth--not one of my favorite parts of this last few weeks. Dentist on Friday. Sigh. Not a fan of dentists. Currently loving my dad but wishing he had kept his genes for brittle teeth to himself.  I guess if he and mom didn't give me their noses though, I should be quiet and be grateful.

Both boys planning to dye their hair this week. Mom just buys the dye, smiles and gets out of the way. It's hair. It grows back. Pick your battles!

Sorry for this scattershot report. Seems about all I have time for recently. Too many deadlines sitting on my shoulders and nagging me. I've tried to make them shut up, but the more I battle, the louder they get. Mean, just mean.

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Anonymous said...

You have 2 noses? I never noticed : )