Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Wrong" Turns

Today, while out running a few errands, we ended up with a few wrong turns. I was talking to Joseph about some of the bullying experiences I had in elementary school, and he was listening so closely that he missed our turn. We took the next one, but to get back where we needed to go, we pulled through the parking lot of Office Depot. My husband knows that I am somewhat addicted to office supplies, so he pulled in, and I wandered around. My favorite keyboard was on sale from $70 down to $52 and then further to $39! Since I wear the letters off of my keyboard constantly, I can always use a new one. So, I got it.

Then, heading to my favorite Goodwill, we--you guessed it--missed our turn. Instead we pulled through this parking lot where Joseph knew there was a fig tree. He pulled over and picked a couple. I've never tasted a fresh fig before (you know--the ones they use to stuff fig newtons!) and it was really fascinating. It tasted like fig and rain and spring time. I really liked it (not so much the boys though when I brought one home).

It made me think though about "wrong" turns. Today they ended netting a keyboard and a fig. What other "wrong" turns have ended up gaining us far more than we lost? As I look back over my life, I realize that those wrong turns have led to some of the best, most unexpected adventures of my life. In that vein, I wish all that stop by to read here at least one fun "wrong" turn.

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Bev said...

I have always wanted to taste a fresh fig. I love dried figs, but have never tasted a fresh one. You make me want to do that. I must go out and find a fresh fig. :D:D

'Wrong' turns can end up being some of the best memories of your life, if you can get past the part that your whole day is messed over now. We live such stressed lives, that we can miss out enjoying the wrong turns.