Friday, October 19, 2012

Blessed . . . and Burdened

The universe has plans for me . . now if I could just figure out what they are . . .
I mean, does karma simply love me and want to make sure that my family does not go without? Does the universe know that I am a single income earner of a family of four (sigh . . . . used to be six . . . keeps dropping) and is hustling to make it so that we have enough money to pay the bills, put food on the table, and go to Goodwill whenever the mood strikes?
Is the universe tired of having me around so it is trying to work me into the ground? Give me a Voldemort nose from holding it to the grindstone for too long? Give up a social life, reading books or writing letters in order to MEET DEADLINES?
Am I blessed or burdened?
I haven't decided.
I am keeping a journal now of jobs offered and considered.
In the FOUR days I have been keeping it, I have been:
*interviewed for a new company once (got it)
*offered a job with a new company (pending)
*given four emergency assignments (completed)
*turned down two jobs for lack of compensation (so there!)
*given additional work from three companies who are pleased with me (yeah, me!)
No wonder I crawl into bed at night with my head swimming with details and deadlines and due dates. I need a clone. That would definitely be a blessing .  . . unless of course, Joseph or the kids liked her better. Now I'm thinking burden . . .


Ami said...

Ahh, a cloney of your owney! Great idea!

Do you know what lives in a test tube and sings?


And let's not forget what you give to a test tube baby who has been very good... an ice cream clone.

And if you're a hilarious clone, people might call you Bozo the Clone.

Okay, that's all I got. For now.

Nomadic Nicole said...

Can I have your clone? Oh please oh please oh please oh pretty please with a cherry the on freakin top?