Saturday, October 13, 2012

Of Better Days

The light at the end of the tunnel is MUCH brighter now. (No, not THAT light .  . . do not go gently into that light!) This weekend is full of work, as usual, but not so much that I wake up in a mild state of panic. Instead, I leisurely took a shower, emailed with my girl, and now I am going out for that one cup of coffee I have each day. I will stop by the bank, the post office, and the library and then when I am back home, I will start tackling assignments and deadlines with a much better attitude.

The weather has shifted from summer to fall and while that means no more sleeping outside (thanks to the rain), I have to admit I am a little grateful. It is MUCH harder to stay inside and work when it is 80 degrees and sunny out there, than when it is 50 and drizzly. Selfish, I know, but those perfect summer afternoons carry such temptation to walk away from inside and dwell in the outside.  Now I look out at the falling leaves and the raindrops and am grateful to be at my desk. Well okay, I would rather be sitting on the couch, sipping hot chocolate and writing a letter, but hey, we take what we can get, right?

Created a fun present for Miss Nicole in Australia, which of course, I cannot describe as then she would know what it was. Promise to post the details once it arrives--it takes about two weeks between here and there. Thank goodness for Skype and IMing and email which helps us keep in daily contact. She met a young man with a brilliant smile and may have her first Australian date in the works. :)

Off for that coffee to inspire and motivate me to a thorough day's work. Happy Autumn to all!

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