Friday, May 22, 2015

Reverse! Adjust Again!

After all of March, April, and most of May, Joseph and I have become accustomed to--dare I even say--appreciative of--our time home alone. When we are hungry, we eat. When we want to go somewhere, we go. When we are ready for bed, we go. No one else's schedules, needs or preferences are involved because our house has been child free.

Now that is all changing.

In five days, Caspian will be home.
In 13 days, Nicole will be home.
In a month, Coryn will be home.

Am I glad? OH YES. How I have missed those hugs, the laughter, the nonstop conversation, the long talks, the crazy dinners, and the sound of their voices down the hall, but I admit to some sadness at the one on one time lost with Joseph. We grew to really love it. I suspect when the kids return, they will be flying in every direction searching for jobs, meeting with friends, and being social, so will not be home all the time by any means. But . . it's an adjustment. One we are happy to make--delighted to make--but not without a couple of twinges.

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Ami said...

I wouldn't mind having my kids visit me now and then, but I am really appreciating the empty nest thing after an adjustment period.

Of course my home is still their home and they're welcome to come back any time as needed.

Funny how when you think about having a baby, you don't think about having adult children. :)