Friday, May 9, 2008

OH Pleasssssssse

Yet another story graces the media today of a woman celebrating her upcoming Mother's Day. She is pregnant.
For her 18th child.
Yes, her 18th child.
Natural. No adoptions or foster children.
And OF COURSE, she is a homeschooler.
I don't get it. I mean, I know that I happen to be an atheist, BUT even if I believed in God, I don't think he would have ever meant to have couples just keep having children until they quit being fertile, or he'd have made our fertility period about 10 years long. If God provides, then I believe he must have provided people with birth control and good sense. Perhaps, long, long, long ago having that many children was an okay idea. Today, it's just . . . .not. Our world is so crowded and already has so many issues. I mean, I have four kids--double the "recommended" amount. And I must say, I still cannot pass a baby without having pangs for having another one in arms. But come on!
Further, it makes homeschoolers look like religious people without any common sense. Sure, there are some but there are lots of religious people with common sense, secular people without common sense and even, hey, secular people WITH common sense. (Dat's me!)
18 kids.
I cannot imagine the carpooling, the allowances, the discipline, the never ending "Mom, I need . . . " Four is enough to keep me on my toes--and always in the car.


Ami said...

Oh those silly Duggars.

Eric says it's amazing that the hubby still wants to impregnate the wifey, as it must be quite similar to throwing a hot dog down the hallway.

WritingGoddess said...

You made me spit on the computer screen with that one, Ami. Sheeeeeeesh.