Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching Up

My apologies for being gone for so long. It certainly isn't because I'm overworked. I have the lightest work load right now that I have had in more than a year. It's such an ambivalent thing for me. On the one hand, I get to do all the things I usually miss. I hang with the kids, go to bookstores, read, catch up on letter writing, do some organizing, go out with Joseph for coffee and generally play hooky. It's delightful and delicious. However, it's also scary because it means in a couple of months, money will start to run out. It always picks up. It has for the last 7 years and will do so again but it makes me nervous. I've been emailing editors and saying, hey there, I'm free--take advantage of it.

Other news . . . we went to Sacramento, CA last weekend. We drove 600 imles there and back to visit the NCCC campus for Nicole. The good news? We saw beautiful scenery, had fun in the hotels, and got away from work and other demands for a few days. The bad? Gas is over $4 a gallon throughout CA and when we got there, we discovered that Nicole can't even attend that campus anyway, so it was actually a waste of time. GRRRR. That was frustrating.

J's mom had surgery today. We haven't heard anything from the family yet as to how she is doing but the nurse reports she is well. Now that my mama is gone, my mom in law is even more important. I am glad that we will be heading her way in June so that kids can spend time with her. She has not seen the boys in almost 7 years so she is in for a shock.

Caspian is volunteering at the zoo now and loves it and I know it is good for him. Today, when he left to go there in his khakis and belt and dress shoes, I was shocked at how mature and grown up he seemed. I miss that little skinny boy with the buzz haircut.

Nicole leaves this weekend for the first part of her SAR certification. We will all have fingers crossed for her that she passes with flying colors. This means a lot to her and so, to us as well.

Coryn is 12 now and is mesmerized by the mp3 player he got for his birthday. I admit to steering him to the music I like best . . . bad mama. :)

The change my life weight loss program continues. First, I joined Curve's. Second, I began taking a water aerobics class. Third, we got out the treadmill. Fourth, I enrolled in Positive Changes for their hypnosis program. Wouldn't you think that would cover it?? I have actually had some really good changes from it all--I am sleeping the best I have in months. I am eating half of what I used to. I watch every bite carefully. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week. EVENTUALLY I will drop pounds from all of this but in the meantime, I am settling for feeling better, sleeping better, eating better and just living better.

Now, if I can just get a little more work in--just enough to forestall panic but now overwork me, I'll be all set. Think good thoughts for me!

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