Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Ups, the Downs, the Smiles, the Frowns

It has been a very strange week for me so far. I haven't (shhh) been working. I've actually done some reading, went on a cleaning binge in the bedroom, hung out with the kids on the couch and went to Goodwills WITHOUT feeling guilty for doing so. I gotta say, I LOVE it.

It has also been a week of highs and lows so far. Jump on the roller coaster with me and ride along. .. .

On the up side: The big project that I mentioned in the "Puzzle Piece" entry fell apart. This means that incredible pressure I was feeling to understand it is gone. Talk about weight off of one's shoulders.

I had one of the biggest thrills of my professional writing life last night when "Gossip Girl", a show I never watch but I couldn't find the remote at the moment, came on. The scene was students talking about SATs and how to prepare for them and on the desk where they were studying was MY BOOK. Yes, MY BOOK. I was so excited, I screamed. That has never, ever happened before so this was majorly cooooool.

We leave on Friday morning for a weekend in Sacramento, California. I am excited about being on the road and getting out of town for a few days. It's a warm up for this summer's L ON G drive to Indiana and Pennsylvania and back. We are going to the National Community Civilian Corps campus there for Nicole to see it, meet the people and get a feel for the program. Since she is semi-planning to go there in January, we want to check it out first and see what it is like.

Caspian's birthday was a smashing success. He is crazy about his cell phone, loved the cake and still is in shock that he finally gets to go back to Indiana. He has asked to do so every year since we moved. I think that he will be disappointed when reality meets his young memories, but I hope it is still fun for him.

This Thursday is Coryn's birthday. I haven't a dang clue what to get him. Actually, J had a decent idea last night that was intriguing . . . may follow up on that one. We're going to go and see a movie that day, plus we have to get ready to leave the next morning for our short trip.

I am back to exercising after taking days off because of my cough and cold. Between water aerobics, Curve's, Positive Changes hypnosis and a careful diet, I would think the weight would be falling off me. Ha. Right. Not sure if this entry should be in the ups (I'm working hard at it!) or the downs (it's so S L O W).

On the down side: The big project that I mentioned in the "Puzzle Piece" entry fell apart. This means that the amazing amount of money they were going to pay me went away too. That part of it sucked.

My hubby is still not back to being right since his episode last weekend. He hasn't slept a good night since. One night he was up for his neck bothering him. Last night he had an upset stomach. I don't know what's up with him but when he feels crappy, everyone feels crappy.

I, on the other hand, am STILL coughing from being sick and have this right side pain issue going on but it will get better and I'm hanging in there.

An editor on a project that is long done has suddenly decided that it should have been longer . . . and we' re politely going back and forth about it. I'm so in the right I cannot see how anyone could see otherwise but . . . . we will see. I haven't gotten that last check yet.

We need a house sitter/care taker for our place while we are on vacation in June. The idea of someone I don't really know living IN my house bothers me. We just need someone to check on the cat, change the litter box, bring in the mail and water the plants. Simple but hard to find the right person. My usual buddy can't do it, so I'm trying to decide who to ask next.

In other words, life goes on. I have to say that not having to get up every morning and push, push, push sure is nice. Of course, in June/July when the money suddenly fades out, I won't think so . . . . such is life.

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