Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Weekend Approacheth

Is it a bad sign when you're anticipating the weekend from Monday afternoon on? This has been a long week but a decent one. I've been keenly aware of time passing lately, brought on in no small part, I am sure by the upcoming birthdays of my two sons. Caspian will be 15 on April 22 and Coryn will be 12 on May 1. (Let's ignore how old Tami turns on May 3).

Caspian's life has suddenly gotten much busier--just about the same time that Nicole's tended to kick up. He has a new friend and they are hanging out together. He is taking his first exercise class and although it is challenging, he seems to like it. He has volunteer work once a week and when summer starts, it will go to twice a week. He is at a stage that he cracks me up as often as he irritates me. He can be surly and tempremental one second and then hugging me or sliding across the kitchen in his socks the next.

We have a couple of short upcoming trips that I am looking forward to. On April 11-13, I am going to Bend with Nicole. She is going with her Search and Rescue group to a tracking class and as the only girl, she would be staying alone in a hotel room. That just didn't work for me, so with laptop and suitcase in hand, I am going with her. She will go out and track and I will read, work and NAP. Sounds glorious to me. Then, on May 2-4 we are going to Sacramento, CA to check out the NCCC campus and learn more about the program. It looks pretty sure that Nicole will be enrolling in January. (That breeze that just blew through your house was actually me sighing.) We are tentatively planning to head out for summer vacation in mid June, destination unknown at this point in time. Suggestions anyone?

My swimming class is a good one--discovered I can't hold my breathe for crap and that my balance in water is not what it used to be, but I enjoyed the class and know I will benefit from it. I plan to supplement it with a membership to Curve's as well. Once these sore muscles wear off, I am sure I will feel fantastic.

Dreamt of my mom again last night. As in all of my dreams, I think she has died but she hasn't. I just so miss the sound of her voice. I've actually been talking with my brother a lot this past week and each conversation has been CIVIL. I attributed it to April Fool's Day but it has continued since then. I will just appreciate it while it lasts.

Nothing else new to report. Off to type and type and type and type, for a change.

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