Sunday, April 6, 2008


I appear to have a raging case of sleepitis this weekend. Even though I am actually sleeping better than I used to, I am so damn s l e e p y this weekend, it's ridiculous. In fact, I just pulled my hubby in from working outside to run down and get me TWO, yes, TWO cups of coffee. That is more than I usually have in several weeks. I even took a nap yesterday and I'm still whipped. I think it is primarily because I've started two exercise classes this week--water aerobics and Curve's. It's good for me, glad I did it, but I think my body is going, HEY!!!! You expect me to write all day, sleep 6 hours a night, raise three children AND exercise? I don't think so . . . . . I just have to hang in there until it finally agrees with me.

I am looking at the rest of my month and thinking. . . . if I can just get a couple more things done, albeit large ones, I will be in the clear for a somewhat restful month. If I could just find a way to work 6 or so hours a day and then take off the weekends, I would be sooooooooo grateful.

Everyone who loves me (or even likes me a lot) needs to think of me this Friday morning as I drag my trembling carcass into the tax accountant's office to turn in our taxes this year. It's not gonna be pretty. It's the one time of year when self employment REALLY sucks.

I was rearranging some things in my bedroom last night and happened upon a number of pictures of my parents. I just wasn't emotionally prepared for it and burst into tears. The pics were from their visit here in 2005. It was a rough visit--dad's health was iffy and while they were here, my sister in law died so they had to leave and go back early. But there were some sweet moments and those photos captured a couple of them. I am grateful for the memories but resent that I can't create any more of them.

I'm preparing for a really hectic week since I am going away for the weekend with Nicole. Between that we have classes for me, classes for Nicole, classes for Caspian and (yea) Cirque de Soleil. Can't wait for that.

Wish I could be brilliant in this blog entry but I'm just too sleepy folks. Leave me comments so I know you were here.


Ami said...

I'm really tired, too. I caught up a bit on my rest this weekend, but it just seems like it's never enough.

And you're brilliant at all times. Don't let anyone say otherwise.


Gary & Bev said...

Hey, Sweet girl,
Just got caught up on the blogs. Life never slows down does it?

I am exited for Nicole. It sounds like she is making a path for herself. One that will be full of adventure.

Just wanted to add to Ami's comment, yes you are always brilliant, but here is this one place you shouldn't feel pressure to write well. It's not work, it's pleasure and release. So just put it all out there.