Friday, April 18, 2008

Puzzle Pieces

I have been hired for one of the best paying projects of my life. In today's economy, that is a GOOD thing. However, there's a reason why we are being paid so well--it's a helluvalotta work. I've had four, yes, four, conference calls about it so far and I now liken it to having someone dump a 5000 piece puzzle on the table in front of you and then taking away the box so you don't know what you're supposed to be creating. Each time I have a conference call, I am able to put a few new pieces in the puzzle but I still have no idea what the finished picture looks like. I am pretty quick with these kinds of things so if I am this stumped, it means it is not being explained clearly at all. I am hoping that with each passing day, reading the material, talking to others and doing more conference calls I will get up to speed.

Of course, my speed is mighty compromised right now anyway because I have a rotten cold. Sneezing, sniffling, aching, sore throat, cough and laryngitis cold. Not lousy enough to wanna curl up and die but too lousy to go to exercise classes and to have ANY motivation to work. Now it's Friday and that means my motivation is wayyyyyyy down. I wanna go and do something fun like hang out in Goodwill or sit in a bookstore or eat at an exotic restaurant. Clearly, playing hooky is not something I have outgrown.

I have a weekend full of work ahead of me. I have 1/2 a book due by Monday morning and another complete book due the following day. Sigh. However, then, my schedule opens up quite a bit and it looks like I might even have a couple of days off. Wahoo.

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