Monday, March 31, 2008

Needing a Forklift to Keep my Chin Up

Warning: Premenstrual emotional state directly ahead.

I have just had a hard day. I am sure that most of this is due to an impending period. But I started out with what looked like a relatively free day. . . I had work to do, of course but it was not an overwhelming amount for once.

Then the day actually started. I was up until almost 2 then got up about 7.
I got an email that the huge project I finished at almost 2 was not, after all, complete and I had to go back over all of them by Thursday night.
Then I had to take a 2 hour teleconference call that was soooooo dull that I actually organized my bookmarks, YES, organized. my. bookmarks. while I was talking.
THEN, my hubby called my mother in law and she was in the ER Sunday having a CAT scan. It identified a mass in her abdomen. She gets the report on it tomorrow. Now, the woman is 86 but still . . . she is the last of the grandparents left. We lost my dad two years ago and my mom two months ago and I just cannot imagine losing my dear mother in law soon too. Hearing about her just brings back all the emotions I have over my parents and it still hurts just as much.
Lastly, I have been looking forward to one of my all time favorite authors coming to Portland for months. She was here tonight and because I had all of this work to do, I couldn't go. That really, really bummed me out.
Combine all of that with slight cramps and PMS and it makes for a weepy woman. I'd like to wait out the emotions by curling up in bed and pulling the covers over my head rather than writing out explanations for 240 questions.
I know, I know dad. This too will pass. (He always told me that in times of distress.) But could it please hurry up?

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