Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Nightly List of Jeers and Cheers

The weekend is coming to an end and I am cataloguing what I am quite pleased about accomplishing, as well as the things I am endlessly annoyed at myself for not accomplishing.

So, on the positive side:
I finished one writing project and got started on the next one.
I didn't eat a damn thing all day and just relished my juice and water.
I weigh 1.5 lbs less than I did yesterday.
I went to the track with my kids and walked two laps.
I got to go to Goodwill for about 30 quick minutes and managed to nab a couple of good cds.
I sat down and, while working, watched a movie with two of my kids.

And, on the negative:
Despite what I've gotten done, I am STILL, ALWAYS, FOREVER behind on my deadlines.
I thought about food 4.5 billion times.
I didn't get to writing the letter I've been wanting to write for three weeks.
I realized (to my utter embarassment) WHY I took my meds yesterday and 30 minutes later was literally collapsing into bed . . . . I had accidentally taken a Xanax instead of the blood pressure pill. One Xanax plus no food meant Tami took an unexpected (albeit lovely) nap.
I let time slip away from me too damn fast again and now it's almost Monday.

And life goes on . ...


Gipseemom said...

LOL I wish all my 'negatives' included a nap :)

WritingGoddess said...

Yea, usually they are definitely on POSITIVE side but when you hadn't planned on one and all of a sudden you are falling off our chair, it's just disconcerting! Thanks for stopping by gipseemom.