Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 1 of No Chewing

Today marks day one of my juice fast.
Can you hear my enthusiasm?
My hubby started on his 9 days ago and I have watched as his weight as literally melted off of him. Already, in 9 days, he has lost 18 pounds. He looks younger. Healthier. Skinnier. God, I wish I could hate that man.

So, here I go . . . .following his footsteps. Mentally I am thinking okay, if I do this for a month I could be down about 50 lbs. That makes me willing to face summer although still not wear a swimsuit in public. It will take 100 before I will let me picture be taken willingly. I've been down this pathway before of course. The Atkins path. The paleo path. The low fat path. The vegetarian path. Each one seems to circle right back to the overweight path. Now I am grappling with high blood pressure, sleep apnea and constant fatigue. I know each one will get better as I get skinnier. It becomes my mantra as I start fantasizing about oriental chicken salads, broccoli and cheese soup and endless glasses of ice tea. Sheesh. One day of not eating and already I feel like life is ending as I know it. Of course, doing it with a husband who finds the whole experience "exciting" and "an adventure" doesn't help. He is all excited. I am just hungry. Couldn't we find a way to juice a cheeseburger and fries and make it not disgusting? Apparently not.

SO hang in with me gang. I wouldn't announce my actual weight out loud if you tortured me with fish hooks and hot pokers but I WILL let you know how much the numbers change each day. Yes, my man went out and bought two, not one, but two sets of doctor's scales so we can weigh in each morning. Didn't Dante include this as his 10th circle of hell?


Ami said...

I'm not your keeper.

But 50 lbs in a month isn't a healthy weight loss. You *do* know that, right?

It seems like you've figured out the whole blog-ly thing, however.

I'll read every day. And now that you have a gmail account, you can comment on MY blog. Which I will expect. Or else.

Gary & Bev said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but it must not have taken. For the time, you and DH seem to be headed the same direction. BUT I CAN HEAR HIS ENTHUSIAM IN HERE. :D