Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday at the Orr House

It's Sunday morning here. That means that Joseph is up and bustling about getting ready to make juice, I am looking over my list of what has to be accomplished today and the kids are all sleeping. Of course, that won't last long. Within the next 30 minutes, Nicole will be up, on her computer and making plans to meet friends later this afternoon. Caspian will be up and dressed to go to his 7th day in a row helping a group of volunteers build a cob-style martial arts studio. It has been an amazing experience for him as he has put in 7-8 hours each day doing hard physical labor and bonding with a new group of people. For Caspian, this is a golden opportunity. He has struggled to find a group that he fits in with for a couple of years. Sometimes yo find them in the most unexpected places. We have seen huge changes in his personality and attitude as a result from this experience. As for Coryn, he will spend his time on World of Warcraft, following by his trial week of Lord of the Rings online, then curl up on the couch and read a book twice as fast as I can.

As for me. Sigh. Seeing as I am a freelancer, my time off is usually nonexistent--esp. this month. I started Feb off with 29 days and almost 40 projects to do. Yes, I bit off WAY more than I could chew. Now the new month has started and I'm still finishing up those projects that were due the end of last week.I am pretty desperately looking forward to a day when I can decide I don't have to work all day that day--or at the very least, take off a weekend now and then. The pleasures of self-employment, you know?

All of this will go on fairly smoothly and the day will zip by far, far too quickly and then it will be (sigh) Monday again. It's a shame those always have to follow the weekends.

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