Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the Week Goes on . . . . (sung to the tune of The Beat Goes On)

Thursday morning has arrived, bringing with it three demands from editors asking for additional references, resources and pictures. . . .argh. My first hour is spent putting out there fires that seem to arrive on a far too regular basis. It's only 9 and already I am behind. That does not bode well for the day.

It's quiet in my house at the moment. I have actually been up an hour and haven't turned on any music. (Ok, rectified that.) All kids are still sleeping. Caspian has a cold--the first time he has been sick in more than 6 years. He's a sturdy kid. Yesterday I pampered him a bit (got him his robe and slippers, made him a bed on the couch) and he grinned at me . . . I could see that three year old so clearly. Sigh. They grow too fast.

Coryn is also still asleep which is rare. He is our earliest riser. He slept fitfully last night which I happen to know as he crawled in bed with me about 2 because he "couldn't sleep" and then was asleep by the time he finished saying it. Nicole just this moment stumbled out of bed and after 5 days of doing a juice fast is READY TO EAT. She is pulling bread and eggs out of the frig with a gleeful grin.

Joseph and I were marveling at how, even after all of these years, when the weekend comes it feels so good. I mean, really, WHY should it? (A) Joseph is retired so it's not like he doesn't have to go to work on those days. (B) The kids are all homeschooled so it's not like they get to stay home those days. (C) I work at home and I always, always, always work through the entire weekend anyway. So, tell me, WHY does Friday afternoon make us feel a little giddy and happy? Why does Friday night still have an excitement to it? Why does Saturday morning tingle with anticipation and Sunday night feel so disappointing? I just do NOT get it.

Enough meanderings for today. Time to look at today's TO DO list and start doing. My favorite part of making lists? Checking things off at the end of the day. Maybe I really do need to get out more . . ..

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Ami said...

Saturday morning brings anticipation because you know I will be there in the afternoon.

I live for weekends, personally.