Monday, March 10, 2008

A Memorable Date

I had a wonderful experience tonight. My daughter was off with friends. My husband was at his weekly VW meeting. My youngest son was at a friend's house. The only people left at home were myself and my oldest son, Caspian (almost 15). I asked him if he'd like to be my date for dinner and he was just so pleased. We went to Applebee's and he opened the doors for me and put his arm around me going in and coming out. We ordered and chatted and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. I really relished how special it was to be able to spend time with this amazingly handsome young man because I am aware of how limited that time to be together is.

It has been a long day . . . I've worked a lot and don't really feel like I made much progress. My back is better though and that is very appreciated. I like being able to move around with moaning and groaning all the time.

Yawn . . . I'm off to write a little longer and then head to bed. I'm glad that it's going to get colder and rain for a few days because it's mighty hard to stay in my computer chair when it's mid 60s and sunny outside. I keep hearing my name on the spring breeze luring me out to the upper deck to soak up sunshine and talk to my plants. Soothing indeed but it doesn't get my work done. Where is a clone when I need one anyway?

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Ami said...

I was going to call you today to find out how your back is. I'm glad to hear it's better. Back pain sucks!!

How nice that you Caspian were able to spend that time together.He really is a great kid. (and I'm not just saying that because he complimented me, either. :) )

I'm convinced that having those excellent memories of the really good times keeps us from thwapping kids on the head occasionally.