Friday, March 21, 2008

I Miss my Mom

Today is a good day . . . I've had some great writing projects come through that will make my income go up. It's the weekend. I just set something up for Nicole that has us all pretty darn tickled. Yet, I am feeling maudlin as hell because I miss my mom.

My mom was my biggest fan. She always told me I 'knocked her socks off'. She always, always wanted to hear news about me, my work and the kids. I never felt like it bored her. I have called my mom every 3 or so days my entire life, through college, marriage, kids, moving, whatever. There are days where I miss the sound of her voice so much, I think that I can't stand it. Now and then I hear her voice in my own and it makes me want to cry. I know that she had a long life and that I should be grateful for the relationship we had, but that none of that makes this one bit easier. I was just SO NOT ready for this. She was fine and on life support in 72 hours. It's like my brain has accepted it but my heart hasn't even come close.

I am flirting with the possibility of going back to Indiana to go through her house before it is sold and everything is given away or sold. I need to hold her things again and take those that are meaningful to me. I am hoping it will bring me some closure and some sense of peace. For now, I just have this big, empty hole in my life that no one else can fill. I know that somehow she knows this too and wants to give me a hug more than anything . . . I can feel her sometimes and hear her thoughts. Sometimes it makes me cry (like now) and sometimes, I burst out laughing.

It's sure hard to lose someone you love. Without both of my parents, I feel like my anchor to my life and who I am has been cast adrift. My darlin hubby and kids are still there, keeping me steady and safe but it still a lonely place to be.


Ami said...

You can be glad you had her as long as you did... but still be so sad that she's gone. Those two ideas aren't incompatible.

It was such a shocking thing to have happen in such a short time.

I miss your mom on your behalf, too.
She was special.

Gary & Bev said...

Loving you, Sweetie. It's a hard thing to lose your Mom. And she was so full of life and love. And so willing to share it all with those around her. You remind me of her. She reminds me of you.


wintr2long said...

Moms are special, I feel my mom is my best friend. I call her every 3 or 4 days too. Will keep appreciating her also. She is 80, time has been good to her. I want to be like her!