Saturday, March 15, 2008

Professional Pet Peeve

I am grumbling and mumbling this morning NOT because I played host to 13 teenagers last night and they ended up staying up all night (thank goodness we sleep upstairs) but because of (said with the same sigh of frustration as many women say "Men!")--"EDITORS!"

Four times in the past week I have had editors come back to me with work I've done and asked me to re-write it. Now if I have done it poorly or haven't followed directions then I would understand. I might grumble a little about it, mind you, but I do it because it is part of my job and I am the one that screwed up. BUT what I do really detest is when I get APPROVAL from the editor for a topic, I write it and then the editor changes his/her mind about it and wants me to replace it. Now that irritates me no end. It means I have to write something completely new and of course, I am not paid for that. GRRRRRR. With it happening so often, I really, really get irritated. My time is already to packed with work that it just seems downright unfair to have to go back and re-do like that.

So I grumble and mumble and bitch about it, grit my teeth and do it anyway. But at least I can vent a little beforehand. See the steam rolling off this post?

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