Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Game of Tag I Actually LIKE

Man, did I ever hate playing Tag when I was a kid. I was a slow runner and not well liked in the first placeso this put a huge red TARGET sign on my back. I still shudder when I think about it. ANYWAY, this is a new kind of Tag and I like it (and it doesn't make me feel inferior either!)

I was tagged by my good friend Susan at Am I Mental ( and she said some amazingly nice things about me. (See the post "This Should Really be Called a Youyou") So I am passing the ball to keep the game going. Here are the Rules:

The rules:
(1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) Post the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six things you love about a friend, doesn't have to be the same friend who wrote about you, really!
(4) Tag other random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

So, I am going to bend the rules just a little and tag my darlin daughter, Nicole. (Check out her blog "A Myriad of Mosaics").

(1) She makes me laugh.
She is one person on the planet who can make me laugh so hard I am always grateful I don't need to pee or have anything liquid in my mouth at the time. I literally laugh so much when I hang with her that my ribs hurt. Our sense of humor is very similar and we have the kind of relationship that we can talk in shorthand and know exactly what the other person means. If I am going to hang out with someone just for fun, she is my top choice.

(2) She has a gentle spirit.
This girl has a tough exterior, lemme tell ya. She hikes and climbs and carries and lifts and just keeps on going. If she gets hurt, she pauses, swears a little and keeps going. And harbored inside this durable outer layer is the most gentle spirit I've ever met. She is kind and considerate and patient and loves people so much she wants to donate her life to helping them. This gentle spirit has weathered a few of life's harshest experiences too--and remains this special. Wow.

(3) She is my sweet sounding board.
This wonderful girl listens to her mother rant and rave against men, editors, work, editors, her brothers, editors and life in general. She chuckles, commiserates, never tells me what to do and then gives me a great hug (and if I'm really bent out of shape, a great massage too!)

(4) She makes us proud every day.
I know that eventually the moment will have to come where she does something that shocks and appalls me . . . but it hasn't so far. She never treats us like we're stupid or interfering. She listens to my hubby and I and takes to heart what we say. She spends her time willingly doing things that I would pay someone not to make me do and all we can do is shake our heads and marvel at this creature we somehow built almost 18 years ago.

(5) I have a great time being with her.
I know I said it before but what a treasure it is to spend the afternoon hanging out at stores or the moveis and have a wonderful time. Heck, we've been known to create quite a scene while grocery shopping. We aren't quiet or demure. We laugh and insult each other and point at cute guys and debate the merits of potato chips with flare.

(6) She truly is more than a daughter--she's my friend.
You love your children because they are your children. You may not like what they are doing, but you always love them. With Nicole, it's as easy as breathing. If I wasn't remotely related to her, I'd still adore her.

Now, I'm supposed to tag someone but I don't have that many people who read my blog . So I will just do as Susan did and invite anyone who wants to post about a friend to do so. Heck, it can even be one of your own kids!

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