Friday, March 7, 2008

Of Chewing and Back Spasms

Yesterday I had an orgasmic experience and no, not THAT kind (darn it). After three days of organic fruit and vegetable juices and three more of just water and hot tea, I ate dinner. It was good. It was really good. We ended our fast and have segued into a low fat/calorie/carb diet that is actually delicious. I'm joining Curve's this week and I start a swim class in a few weeks. I'm feeling good--in control, happy and positive.

On the less than happy side, I developed the first ever back spasm of my life that didn't just go OUCH and then fade away. I"ve had this about 4 hours now and still can't walk upright. If I lie down and don't move at all, it's bearable. Too bad that isn't remotely possible with my schedule. So I keep putting the heat pack on and gritting my teeth and swearing. J has, of course, worked with me several times but I just had a major massage yesterday and am still skin sore from it so it hurts before he can even apply pressure. My next recourse is a hot shower. With my weekend schedule of work, this just will not work.

So that's my news. Hopefully tomorrow's blog will tell you how I am pain free and catching up any time lost today.

Are we holding our breath?

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