Thursday, March 13, 2008

All is Quiet on the Pacific Northwestern Front

I haven't posted for a few days simply because it has been such a quiet week. It has been a nice one though. I am getting (sshhhhh, don't tell anyone) slightly caught up, or at least enough so that I don't lie in bed at night awake obsessing over how much I have to get done the next day or wake the next morning already tensing up over my to do list. This good, very good.

I'm trying to keep a block of precious days open later this month for some serious FAMILY TIME. I am already making a list of what I want to do on those days. So far, I've included going to the movies, reading, having a chick day out with Nicole (we go to the stores the men hate and eat someplace decadent and laugh and talk and cherish each minute), reading, getting out all of the family slides from Joseph and I's childhood and doing a slide show guaranteed to make me cry since I've lost both my parents since the last time I saw them, reading and of course, hanging out in Goodwills and bookstores--and reading. I know that many would not consider that a very exciting way to spend time off but to me, it sounds heavenly. I cannot wait.

Speaking of reading, it's time for me to sign off this blasted computer, go upstairs, crawl in bed and read my 30 minutes before turning out the lights. I am making an effort to do this so that my mind slows down a bit before I go to bed. Going straight to bed from working isn't good for me because I can't slow my mind down enough to relax. Let's see how this works.

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