Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter in Portland

Well, WOW. I had somewhat forgotten what winter was like and Portland has certainly reminded me in the last couple of days. We have had record amounts of snow IN THE CITY and zero wind chills. I left winter coats and boots back in Indiana. . . . . I've been digging through the closet trying to find closed-toed shoes . . . It is wintery here and will remain so for at least the duration of the week. I guess it does make it feel more like Christmas but man . . . it's no fun to step out of the front door.

Other news . . I've been working pretty long hours these days. EVENTUALLY I will see some income from it but for now, through the weirdest set of circumstances, I haven't seen a writing check in three weeks! It is bizarre how many different things at this many different companies all conspired to create this incredible dearth--and right at Christmas time too. Most days, I handle it ok but there are times where I just wanna sit down and throw a miniature tantrum for a bit. I don't need a single thing for Christmas myself, but man, I want to buy a few things for the kids . . . .They've been great because they know this is temporary. They are such incredible blessings to me.

Other news? Not really. I have SIX books, yes, SIX books scheduled for January, so I know what I will be doing all month. They are short, which is a good thing, but still, SIX is a bit much for one month, even for me!

Hopefully, I will return in a day or two with more exciting news and MONEY. And peace of mind. And some holiday spirit. In the meantime, wishing you all of that and more.

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