Friday, January 9, 2009

Be Honest, Now

My darlin friend Susan named me on her blog to participate in this event. Apparently, I am to list 10 true things about me that others may or may not know. This is challenging . . .

(1) I am a purse slut. I adore purses beyond all reason. I rarely give in to the passion but recently I counted my purses and let's just say, I got rid of 37 and have a lot left over.

(2) I cry very, very, very easily. (Yes, Nicole, I know you know this from sitting next to me when I watch television.) I cry at commercials. I cry at tv shows. I cry when soldiers come home and surprise their kids, when people win big on game shows and when people are unexpectedly reunited. You could say it is because I am a sentimental softie, and you wouldn't be wrong, but what irks me no end is that I cannot NOT cry. I don't want to cry. It makes me mad when I do, but I can't stop it. (Nicole points out that I even cry when the dogs in "101 Dalmations" start the barking to let everyone know that the PUPPIES ARE MISSING!)

(3) I love cookie dough with a passion. I would rather have a tube of cookie dough to nibble on for weeks as a dessert than anything else I can think of. I haven't had one in years but I dream about it now and then.

(4) I've been to nudist resorts--and liked it. They are nothing like people think they are and can be the most self-esteem liberating experience of a lifetime.

(5) I still get scared of the dark. If I am downstairs in the dark alone and I have to go up the stairs, I take them two at a time because I am worried about what might be coming up behind me.

(6) I adored the show "Ally McBeal". It is not available on DVD. I have searched. I lost money buying seasons from a shady company that said it was in Canada but was really in China. You can't even see much of it Youtube and I thought they had everything.

(7) I used to cross stitch and I can't anymore because of my eyes and that makes me very sad. I miss it almost as much as if I could no longer read.

(8) I tend to see the world as a wonderful place with a few negative things about it. I see people as kind until they prove otherwise. I expect kindness and try to always hand it out. Yea, this means I've gotten scammed and taken advantage of but that's ok. I like having a positive attitude.

(9) I own jeans in four different sizes. That way I will always have something that fits even when I've gained or lost weight.

(10) I have horrible, terrible baby hunger all the time. I keep imagining if someone would leave a little one on my doorstep . . . I know that another baby would be disasterous. I don't have the time and certainly not the energy but I still long for one every time. I sublimate it by looking and wanting little dogs . . and I know that one day, grandchildren will bless my life, but in the meantime, man, I miss babies.

There. Know me better now? Most likely, if you're reading this, you probably knew each one anyway!


SabrinaT said...

I cry at the drop of a hat! And cookie dough is the perfect snack!

suchlovelyfreckles said...

LOL, no, I didn't know any of this. But it's very nice to find out such sweet things about you. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.
I contacted the craigslist ad poster, but there are bunches of Germans in America. I'm assuming that I'm late for this already.
Thank you so much for thinking me.

Gipseemom said...

I just realized in this past year or so that I, too, am a purse slut! I laughed out loud when I read that about you! Perhaps you could send me some of yours....I'll send cookie dough...