Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Orr Update

Well, life here hasn't been terribly exciting, hence the lack of posts.

On the work front, things are just about as dismal as they have been. I have several things in the works, but they haven't come through yet and until they do, I think I will just maintain this mild state of panic I am getting to know well. My ONE assignment for February is up to four. That's an improvement but when 20 plus is the usual, it's still scary. Joseph has been looking for jobs but, as the whole country knows, it ain't easy. There just isn't much out there and everything we call on is either gone or requires experience he just does not have.

On the family front, the kids are good. Nicole has found herself a boyfriend and what a doll he is. He treats her wonderfully and I swear, he must have a great teacher/mother/older sister or something because I have never seen a young man who knows the right things to say more than he does. He is 22 and teaches martial arts to kids of all ages. He doesn't smoke, drink or even swear! Has a car, a job, an apartment . . . gets along with his family. If she doesn't fall in love with this one, I may have to get her some therapy. (grin)

The boys are fine. I think Coryn has hit his teen growth spurt already. He looks taller each time I look his way and he has the shading of a mustache coming in already. Caspian is holding at about 5'9" or so so far and is in the "I'm going in my room and only coming out for bathroom trips and meals" attitude going.

Without a lot of work to do, I don't have much money, but I DO have a lot of free time. I have been catching up on letters and even doing more reading than usual. Just finished The Messenger by Jan Burke, which was fantastic. REALLY liked it. Also The Grift by . . . . someone . . . and it was good as well. I just took out a subscription to Bookmarks magazine which reviews all the new books and I know I will enjoy each issue.

No other real news. If you say prayers, cast runes, read tarot cards or interpret tea leaves, please send a message out that the Orrs would like a little more job security if possible. In the meantime, I will try and relax enough to appreciate the extra time spent with my family.

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Gary & Bev said...

Hey, Sweetie,
You could write your novel now. :D

Will be praying for work for you. I know how important that is.

Love ya,