Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Times they are A'Changin

I don't know about you, but I am a tad tired of hearing how times are gonna change now that we have a new president. I happen to like Obama, for the most part, but I feel like the country is going a bit overboard about him. I mean, he is a MAN, not a god. He will most likely make some great decisions--and some lousy ones. He will probably be better than Bush, because . . well, hey, the bar is pretty low at the moment. But this concept that he is some kind of savior here to solve all of our problems seems rather exaggerated at best and scary at worst.

I'm all for change though and that's a good thing because we are seeing some pretty big changes at our house right now. I've had several companies I work for lose their funding and what looked like months worth of steady work disappear with a single phone call. My work load has plummeted like I've never, ever seen and yea, it's scary.

However, it also has put a fire under a few things.

For example, I have been reaching out further for work and in the last 48 hours, I have been tentatively hired to write a huge project for a government grant (it will be the biggest project of my career to date), been interviewed by a new company for potential ongoing work and asked to appear on a national radio show. Not bad overall. I wish I could add that I have also won the lottery but since I don't play, that makes it even less likely.

The other big change is that my "pool boy" husband (an ironic title as we don't have a pool) is actively searching for a job for the first time since we came out here. Scary? YEA. Moreso for him than myself. He has been a chiropractor almost his entire adult life so going out into the job market world is more than a little intimidating. Personally, I think that any company lucky enough to get a man this reliable, dependable, intelligent. honest and friendly should count their blessings, but I may be just a shade prejudiced. So, cross your fingers for him. He is looking into a position as a caregiver and I think he would be fantastic in that role. He has taken good care of me for 26 plus years!

So, let's hope that the country is about to experience some positive (yet realistic) changes and along with it, my family as well. I have to admit that after 7 plus years of being the sole bread winner, I am ready to share that burden for a bit. You know you've been working too hard when the idea of spending your day cleaning the house, changing sheets, fixing meals and cleaning out the closet sounds good . . .


Ami said...

So all those people tossing palm fronds into the path of his donkey and prostrating themselves to touch the hem of his robes didn't get the point across to you that he's the Messiah?

Wow, you're obtuse.

I would definitely hire Joseph, but since you allow me to use him for free...

Susie said...

Okay, you are right about moms, and four sizes of clothes isn't nearly enough - I think I have ... six. I challenge you to a purse-slut duel, $100 at ten paces - wait, you'll win - oh well, it will be fun trying! Re: babies - are you nuts? Yes, they're cute, but then what happens - yes! You end up with THREE teenagers! Mostly, I'm SO GLAD I met you and the family and please don't be too hard on Joseph's neat nuttiness. We clean freaks have to stick together!

Gipseemom said...

Are you on drugs? I ask this as a concerned friend considering your last post mentions how much you LOVE cleaning. If the idea is appealing to you then either you're on drugs or the Pod People have gotten to you. Either way, where is my friend Tami and what have you done to her??!!

WritingGoddess said...

Oh no, no, no, no. I do not, have not and will not EVER love cleaning. That was my mother. It is often my husband. It is never me. I simply was pointing out that things have become desperate enough with writing that cleaning is actually looking better.