Friday, August 27, 2010

A'Campin' We Will Go!

This afternoon I am going to do something with my husband I've never done with him before.
Man, that sounds kinky, doesn't it?
Sorry to disappoint you. . . but it is going camping WITHOUT children. The first time I ever went camping with him. . . well, camping EVER, was in 1987 with our first child. Every time since then it has been with two, three or four children at a time.
However, this weekend, one is at camp, one is with her boyfriend and one is happy, no, thrilled, to be home alone. So we're escaping. We're going to the coast and camping in the VW camper bus. Just the two of us. Lots of books. Letter writing materials. Planning for naps. Can NOT wait. Someone asked me if it was going to be like a second honeymoon and I wanted to point out the differences between 23 and 30 and 51 and 58 but I didn't.
So we're off and I will blog when we return. Wish us good weather, deep sleep and a nice time just being US instead of Mom and Dad.


Ami said...

I'm confused.
What's the difference between 23 and 30 and 51 and 58?

I mean besides the obvious mathematical stuff...

Hope you have a wonderful time and that you don't have any cops tapping on the glass and shining their flashlights on you while you're, um, sleeping.

Gary & Bev said...

Good for you!! We also just last year started planning things just for us. It's great!!!

Once you do it, you will plan for more. I warn you, it's addicting.