Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please Reset My Circadian Clock

Apparently, while I was busy paying attention to one of the thousand million trillion other details in my life, someone snuck in and reset my inner clock. How do I know this? Simple. Every afternoon, about 4 or so, I get so sleepy I think I will pass out sitting up. I type with my eyes closed. I get up and put water on my face. I take a walk out on the back deck to wake up. I am absolutely, cannot walk around the house, I'll tell you any world secrets if you let me take a nap, tired.

But I don't nap. I struggle through. I work and I make it to bedtime. Midnight arrives. Joseph has already been in bed for an hour. I go upstairs to the world's best bedroom. Fans are going in the window. It's cool and airy. My sound machine is already on making waves on the beach sounds. I crawl into the world's best bed. Snuggle up to the world's best husand and a not too awful dog. Get my pillow just right. Close my eyes.

And wake up. My mind starts going a million mile an hour. I think about what work I got done that day. What I have to do tomorrow. How much money I earned. How much is in the bank. How much is due in the mail. What I have on my calendar for tomorrow. Where to get shirts for Nicole's work. What we need to get ready for Coryn going to camp next week. The answer to a question someone asked me earlier and I couldn't remember. The weather forecast. ARGGHHH. I just want my head to shut up. I start counting. Counting often works wonders for me. I start at 100 and slowly count backwards.

I get to 1. I'm still awake. Not even sleepy. I cannot get comfortable. In this position, my hip hurts. In this one, my arm. In this one, I will snore if I finally do fall asleep and then I will wake myself back up. Wait . . wait . . this is pretty good. I can sleep like this. . . except the dog, who is sleeping pressed up against my right side, is now snoring. Sigh. Awake again.

So, after 45 minutes of lying there and tossing and turning, I am back up. I am going thru a pile of pictures I had developed today and labeling them for sending out to family and friends in letters this coming week. I have "new age" music playing on iTunes in the hope it makes me sleepy. I brought my pillow down and put it on the couch.

Maybe if I can trick my body into thinking it's 4 p.m. I will get sleepy. Or maybe I just need someone to readjust my clock.


Ami said...

I think your snooze button may be stuck.

Markell said...

I feel for you! I also have a fertile mind and am a chronic insomniac. My husband had a good point, though: "When you went to Fantasy Basketball Camp, you had NO trouble sleeping!"

He was right. They made me exercise for like 8 hours a day. (I think it was the coach's fantasy, not mine!!) So maybe if you go to Fantasy Basketball Camp, you'll be able to sleep.