Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reason #490,806,434,881,905,438,783.6

You know how there are a number of decisions in your life that you've made and then later thought, Shoot. Can I have a do-over on that one? It was the wrong decision. Or the wrong timing. Or the wrong attitude. We've all had those moments.

And then there are the other decisions. The ones you made and even though you knew they were right, time has only proven to you a billion times over HOW RIGHT they were. For example, marrying Joseph. There's a decision I made (some accused me of making it hastily!) 28 plus years ago that I am reminded daily of how wise I was to do so. Having children? Another extremely good decision. It has made me gray, caused me sleepless nights, brought heartache and worry and heaven knows expenses, and still so worth it, I wouldn't think a nanosecond before doing it again. Moving to Oregon? Yup, another one that continues to make me smile as I get up every morning living in the prettiest place I've ever seen, surrounded by people who like me and I like in return. Becoming a writer? Absolutely. Except for some days. When I have to do revisions. Or editors change their minds. Other than that . . . great job.

Anyone who knows us well also knows that homeschooling was one of the best decisions we made. The affirmations of our decision often come at us so fast and so frequently that we lose track of them. This week two of my kids are taking a swimming class at the public school. When I signed them up I expressly said, Please, they know how to swim. I need a class to teach them to not hold their noses so they can dive, swim underwater, etc. No problem, I was reassured.

Well, day 2 comes and when they return, my son walks through the front door with that body language that all mothers recognize as things are not well in his world. Seems like the instruction for holding their noses is 2 minutes worth of class--you know--here is how you do it--go! Now let's move on. We have a class to teach. Everyone must learn at the same speed. No, there's no time to practice. We've covered it. Zooooooooom. If you don't have it, too bad. Deal with it.

He dealt with it by sitting in the bathroom with a stomach full of chlorinated water and a bruised ego. GRRRRR.

A reminder of why I don't follow this entire philosophy of education. So, last night, despite looming deadlines and some other issues that made climbing into a pool one of the last things in the world I wanted to do, I went to the pool with my teens (along with handsome hubby) and we spent 90 minutes in the pool practicing. No rush. No pressure. Give this a try. Try that. Did that work? Great. That didn't? Ok, let's try this. Need me to stand right next to you when you try that? Sure thing. Need me to move away and give you space while you do that? You got it. You know--the homeschooling method. Learning at their own pace? That stuff.

When we left, they had both made tremendous progress. Egos had been bandaged and we all celebrated with dinner out at Burgerville, still dripping in our suits as we pulled through.

The class is not really a setback. No . . . it is just reason #490,806,434,881,905,438,783.6 why we homeschool. Thanks, I needed that affirmation.

Now, what decisions will I face today?

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Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I'm glad you were able to make the kids more comfortable after the swim lesson. I'll bet they'll remember that more than they'll remember the instructor.

Yay homeschooling! :)