Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodwills RULE

When I was growing up, I was taught that Goodwills were for those less fortunate people who couldn't shop at "real" stores. I felt sorry for them.


What a hoot that is.

Today, 90 percent of my shopping is done at Goodwill. I have found deals that have kept me smiling for days--even weeks. Today was the perfect example. As we prepare to go on our trip, we have longed for a bigger tent. Joseph and I wanted one that was roomy enough to STAND UP in to get dressed without standing on the mattress. I wanted to be able to be in it for something other than sleeping. Today, we found a GREAT tent . . . 16 X 7, sleeps 7, has built in lights, windows, door handles, even a PET door. . . . orignally $180 . . . . got it for $30. Can you see me smiling from there? (pic above)
Also, I have been wanting an old-fashioned hardsided suitcase, a small one, to carry my books and papers, pens, stamps, etc. I wanted it to have CHARACTER, ya know. I wanted to look at it and wonder where it traveled and with whom. Same Goodwill trip . . I found a Samsonite suitcase from the 1950s that was a little large but otherwise perfect. . . then I opened it up to check the inside and there was ANOTHER one in there that was exactly the size I wanted. I brought them home and spent an hour covering them in stickers about children, family, road trips, etc. They look wonderful and so ME. You'd know a lot about me by reading the stickers on it. I just love it. Together they were only $20. Heehee.

So if you are like the old me and think Goodwills are for the unfortunate, throw that attitude out the window and give one a try. You just might be shocked at the treasures you will find.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Cute suitcases and great buys!

Thrift stores are awesome! :)

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Markell said...

I bought a Korean typewriter for $10.00. Much cheaper than going to Korea! (Doesn't matter that I thought it was a Japanese typewriter at the time; it was still a great find!)