Monday, September 27, 2010

The Orr House Becomes a Nut House

This morning, we were awakened to the rather unusual statement from our son that he had a squirrel in his closet.
Now, if you know us, our first reaction was to laugh and make a rude joke. Our second was to reassure him that he was dreaming. Our third was to investigate. And guess what?
He had a squirrel in his closet.
Welcome to Monday, post-vacation Orr clan.
So, we closed the bedroom door, took out the clothes in the closet and there was indeed a terrified, quivering squirrel in there. (How it got in the house is a mystery to us all . . . but I am glad it didn't get out and wreak havoc in the son's bedroom!) With all of us standing around watching, my brave hubby approached the problem.
Okay, not quite true. First I had to call my friend Susan. She is the one the entire family says to call whenever there is a question, problem or issue going on. Apparently we believe her to be one of the smartest, most capable persons on the planet. No pressure, friend. :) She suggested a trail of nuts . . . or something clever about nuts at least.
So, not having any nuts that were unattachable in the house (snicker), we went with Plan B. Joseph put a plastic wastebasket over the little fella, slid a book underneath it and voila, out the door he went. We planned to capture the special moment with the camera, but with three of them in the house, ALL were dead thanks to vacation. So instead we just promised to commit the moment to memory.
Joseph lifted the wastebasket and the little guy took a nanosecond to freeze (why are all of these people looking at me?????) and then executed a jump that I would think would qualify him for the Animal Olympics. Off he went into the trees. I hope that by now, he is calm, his heartbeat and breathing have slowed down and he is ready to reflect on his poor decision to enter a human's territory. Most likely, however, he is back to thinking about his nuts. Typical guy.


Ami said...

Did the squirrel poop on the book?

Inquiring minds....

Markell said...

The world of wildlife missed you after your camping trip! And Thus your camping trip vacation was extended. Congratulations!

WritingGoddess said...

No Ami. He did not. Clearly he was too polite since we were, after all, rescuing his butt.