Tuesday, September 7, 2010

See ya Soon!

As I sit here at my computer NOT working (wahoo!), I am counting the hours until vacation starts. Actually, for me, it started late last night when I finished my last assignment due before I left. Today I have "loafed about" doing things like paying bills, packing, running to the bank, stopping by to refill meds, packing . . . . getting ready.
Did I get all of the assignments done? Yes and no.
The writing prompts? Yes
The passages? Yes
The items? Yes
The book . . . . I checked and had way more time before it was due than I realized and I took the easy option and bumped the assignment until I come back. By then I will be refreshed and ready to hunker down and work. Right now I am just weary. I had an editor contact me over the weekend to let me know that they were "disappointed" in my literary analysis (this after spending HOURS and HOURS and HOURS trying to write it correctly and in an interesting way) and a reader of my Home Education Magazine column write in to let me know she was offended by a humorous comment I made. Sigh. At this point, never writing again sounds pretty good. I know that will all change by the time I get back, but gee. Ouch.
Today Joseph asked me what I wanted out of this vacation--what was my goal. I rambled a bit but in the end, the answer was (1) time together as a family, (2) making memories, (3) seeing new places and (4) not working. Where we go is actually almost irrelevant to me. I just want to GO. I want to sleep in the tent, read by lantern light, sing in the car, laugh at my kids . . oops, I mean WITH my kids . . and I don't really care where I am as long as it is not sitting in front of my computer working. Make sense?
I will be back around the 25th and with a full report. . .. yes Coryn, with the MORNING report.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...


Have FUN! :)

Ami said...

::wiping chocolate off fingers to type::

Um, you can't leave. Where will I get my next fix??

Hope you have a WONDERFUL time and that you remember to check in with a friend now and then.

I'm your friend.
Pick me.

Markell said...

If you offend NOBODY by your humorous comments, you're doing something wrong (and you'll never get on the Tonight Show)!

Gary & Bev said...

I'm a late reader. Hope you have an absolutely stupendous time!!