Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brain Implosion Imminent

My life seems determined to make me bipolar.
Today was supposed to be a relaxing day . . . we had tickets on Amtrak to go to Seattle for the day and we were all looking forward to getting away for a bit. I was especially eager because work has been keeping my crazy busy and I needed some down time. We got up early and headed out and to sum it up, had a GREAT time. The cold, wet and windy weather that was predicted ended up being warm, and wonderfully sunny. We went to some used bookstores, a great stationery store, had a lunch outside at a Mediterranean spot (who knew brats and cream cheese were good together?) and hung out at a great coffee shop reading. So, wonderful trip.
BUT . . .
while I was on the train, I was called about taking a full time writing job in Vancouver. I was in the middle of an interview when the train went out of cell range. So there was work  . . . .on my mind again.
Then, we came home and I had an email offering me a full time job at a company (which can be done remotely from my house) and asking me to fly to the east coast in three days!
And there were more than 50 emails for me, many of them about work. Can you do this? This? That? Now? And now I am working my way through a pile of mail, 50 emails, two job offers and I feel like my brain is going to implode.
Tomorrow I will be putting in a 14 hour day to make up for being gone today.
Saturday I will be traveling to see Caspian (YAY! RAH!) and Sunday, I might be flying to the east coast.
I am exhausted just thinking about it.
Good thing I got some relaxing in today then, eh?


Bev said...

Hey, Sweet Girl! How exciting!! I'll be praying for you as you contemplate your future. Full time jobs, will that be a little less stressful than trying to fit in this and that? Or will you go for the full time job and still try to fit in this and that? Go for something that gives you some breathing time.
Love you!!

Vicki said...

Hey Tami,
Take a deep breath and keep on breathing.I think that's its awesome you have so many possibilities and YOU get to choose!! You go girl!!


Ami said...

I'm surprised you haven't thought of this, but if you wear a foil hat, your brain will not implode.
They can't shoot rays into your brain if you're shielded.

Also, foil underwear can protect you from certain things, too.

For further details, text me.
I have all kinds of ideas.

Bev said...