Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Orr Moment

If you didn't know much about our family, you would have learned a lot tonight.
It was 11:18 and we had just finished watching the movie, "Tin Tin". It was the third of the three we had rented and we had 42 minutes before it would be considered late. (Or so we thought.) So we all popped into the car and headed to the closest McDonald's where we had Red Box'd them. We thought, just maybe, if we drove through the drive-in, we could hand them in since the restaurant was closed.
Of course, being in line at a fast food restaurant, Nicole and Coryn were hungry.
So, we ordered sandwiches and went up to pay. Guess what? Food, yes. Take movies for us? Methinks not.
So, laughing, we sat in the parking lot and ate. Then, Coryn pulled out his iPod Touch and found the next closest Red Box with an outside box. We drove there, turned in the movies at 11:45.
Of course, being in line at the movie kiosk, Nicole and Coryn had to get out and look at movies.
We returned the movies and then got in the car. Kids still looking at movies. We honked. Kids continued to look at movies. Mother told Father to drive on home and see what happened.
We backed out and pulled away.
The kids just waved goodbye and went back to looking. Yes, they are that confident that we wouldn't leave them.
Finally, they came over to the van. Did they get in?
Methinks not.
They proceeded to run laps around the van, Nicole with her snuglie blowing behind her. Sheesh.
FINALLY they got in and we came home, laughing at how much time we had spent trying to return those movies on time.
Walked in the door, checked my email and guess what?
Got charged for an extra day. SHEEEEEESH.
Wasted trip?
Methinks not.


Ami said...

Lesson learned... don't take your children out in public. They act weird and make you late to stuff.

That IS what you learned, right?

WritingGoddess said...

Methinks not. :)

wintr2long said...

I loved the movie Tin Tin, can say Brad loved it too. Have to have at least one per month to clean the tear ducts out! And............ I find your children entertaining~

wintr2long said...

I loved the movie Tin Tin, need at least one per month to clear out the tear ducts.... I must say I find your children entertaining!!