Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 16th Birthday, Coryn!

16 years ago, our family welcomed Coryn Aslan Sebastian Orr into our household. He was our only "unplanned" baby . . . and what a blessing he has proven to be. From the very beginning, he was a ham who posed and smiled as soon as a camera was brought into the room. He has turned into a handsome, sweet, funny, smart, delightful young man. We are proud of him, when we aren't rolling our eyes at him and his smart ass-edness. Please join me in wishing this "baby" of ours, a very HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY.


dmof3 said...

Happy Birthday from the McFarlands, a day late! :)

Jacki said...

How fast they grow! Happy birthday to your baby!!!

Jacki said...

P.S. As for 'Goodbye for Now', I'd love to loan it to you! And I need it back! I have two other people who want to read it. Let me know when we can meet; you know where I work! lol If you plan on coming in, give me advance notice and I'll have the book for you. ♥