Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Struggle

I am struggling today. . . . it is my youngest's 16th birthday and I am sure that plays a part in my rollercoaster emotions. To see my littlest guy get this big . . . not easy. Plus Mother's Day is around the corner and I miss my Mom so much. I think of all of the things I didn't say that I should have . . . all the time I could have spent with her and didn't . . . . all the love I should have shown her every day and while we were very, very close, I wish I had told her more often.
I think, most of all, I am aware of how much time has passed and how FAST it goes. It makes me want to stop every single person on the street and say, Forget any petty arguments you have had with friends and family. Let it go. Chances are they never meant to hurt you. They were doing the best they could with what they had at the time. Look past it and see how much they love you and love them back. Let the past go and make the present better and the future even more so. Don't let old arguments, or differing opinions, or difficult memories, or perceived insults stop you. Just LOVE. Because, before you are even close to ready, that person just will NOT be there anymore. And all you will remember is the words you didn't tell them and the moments you let go, refusing to partake.
So, there! That's my message to the world today. Nothing lasts forever. We have to grab life while we have it and make sure we love as fiercely as we can. Even the 16 year old who is trying to stick his fingers in the cake icing when he thinks I am not looking.
Maybe even especially him. :)
Go out and tell someone who IS NOT expecting it that you love or care about him/her. You will never regret it, but you will regret NOT doing so. Guaranteed.

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Bev said...

Amen, Sister!!