Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Report

I was so busy spouting off, I didn't get to report on Mother's Day at the Orr House.
So here we go:
Caspian made us breakfast in bed plus gave me a lovely keychain I had admired two months ago. He bought it and saved it for me.
Coryn bought me a stuffed Tigger with a photo of Pooh and Christopher Robin, plus a Hoops and Yoyo card (my all time favorite).
Nicole gave me two singing sock monkeys :), a statue, a journal, a snowglobe, a smiling crab (as opposed to the generally nonsmiling crabs), a Vera Bradley computer bag, and a Pooh organizer. On top of that, she gave me a beautiful Zentangled card that I will be framing and putting on the wall.
Oh, and Joseph? He bought a wonderful floor lamp for our living room. We have been searching for weeks and he finally found just the right one.
Feelin' loved. Uh huh! Hope yours was lovely as well.

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