Friday, May 4, 2012

The Birthday Report

So, how did my birthday go? It was lovely, with a couple of unexpected serenades to make it even more special.
I received a lovely card from my husband and kids. I went out for early coffee with hubby and then got a special treat because we came back home and took a nap! That is a real treasure. We went to four Goodwills and one consignment store. What did I buy? PAPER, of course. Best find? About $150 worth of Asian style stationery, much like I buy when I am in Seattle, and all for about $6. Lunch at the Franks-a-Lot hotdog kiosk. Sunshine all afternoon despite a prediction of rain and gray clouds. (Although a wind storm came through and knocked down our umbrella on the back deck and shattered our glass table! What a mess.) Dinner at a restaurant I really like but rarely get to, then home for sitting on the couch, getting a massage from Nicole and watching episodes of "The Big Bang Theory".  Oh, and tasty pecan pie instead of a cake. All in all, a great day.

The best part (other than not working all day)? The unusual serenades . . . first, the lady who owns the hot dog stand put on her hot dog costume and brought us free desserts and sang to me, complete with a jump and a "WHOO!" after each line.
Then, an hour later, standing in Goodwill, my phone rings and it is my friend Ami. She puts me on speaker phone and then her entire class of 20 plus sing "Happy Birthday" to me, complete with the cha-cha-cha's after each line. WONDERFUL surprise that created happy tears.
Next, at dinner, the panic on the server's face when he realized it was my birthday and that usually meant everyone coming over to sing . . but it was late enough that he was the ONLY server really left. He weakly asked, "Do you . . . . want . . um . . . ME . . .to sing?" And I said, "Sure!" Poor man. He got out a single "Happy Birthday" before faltering. Fortunately Joseph, Nicole and Coryn all chipped in and helped him through the song. He was a GREAT server--a real sweetie.
Finally, almost 2 a.m. and in bed and Nicole and Coryn come in with a single lit candle, singing the song just one more time and urging me to make a wish before the celebration ended.  It was a no brainer. I wished I could always feel this loved.

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Ami said...

My kids were so excited to be able to do that. They all gathered at one of our tables, I put the telephone in the center, and even the 'cool' boys (5th grade, too cool for crafts or group activities, of course) sang along with gusto.

I am glad it was a good surprise for you. Maybe I'll get your gift done this weekend. I'd LIKE to... but you know what they say about good intentions.