Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All

To the moms who are just starting, like I did almost 28 years ago . . . scared and excited and absolutely head over in heels in love with this little person in my arms. To the moms of toddlers who are sure these long, tiring days will never end and yet they do, FAR too soon. To the moms of teens who hopefully discover that underneath the hormones and emotions, these young adults are amazing human beings that will turn into our best friends ever.  To the moms of grown up children who are continually astounded at the beauty, intelligence, wit, creativity, humor, and integrity of their babies. To the moms who can't sleep at night because they worry, worry, worry. To those who laugh so hard with their children that they can't speak and to those who cry with them when the pain is too much to carry alone. To the moms who listen to and keep secrets and to those who know when staying quiet is not the best choice. To those who see their children suffer and would do anything to stop it and to those who know pain is out there but continue to encourage their children to risk pain in return for love and adventure. To those mom who love with all of their hearts, even if it means the deepest hurt, the most frightening fears, the largest investment, and the hardest work. Because, in the end, every moment is worth it when they turn and call you "mom". Happy Mother's Day all.

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