Friday, September 14, 2012

Apologizing to Karma

I must have done something really hideous to people that I don't remember, because I haven't been this sick in decades. Nights are awful--I tried taking a cough suppressant so I could SLEEP and found out that all it does is stop me coughing just long enough for it to build up and when I start again, it is terrifying. Coughing to the point of throwing up  . . not good. Plus pink eye matting my eyes shut every couple of hours. Plus on and off fever. And a headache that would stop armies.

I know. Go to the doctor. I keep thinking if I just wait another 24 hours, I will be better. I have flashes of better, but then night comes, and I think heck, maybe I'm dying and someone forgot to tell me.

Okay, enough bitchin'. Off to take a shower and see if I can breathe for a little while. Thanks for listenin'.


Anonymous said...

I have decided that Mucinex is a wonder drug when you have respiratory congestion. The 3 of us were sick with some awful thing last year, and I could not believe the volume of mucus 3 human beings could produce in a day. Good thing Costco sells Kleenex by the 12-pack.

I hope you find relief soon, Tami.


MOV said...

oh, being sick is so the opposite of fun. hope you feel better soon!