Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Just a quick update. After 17 hours and three planes, Nicole is finally in Brisbane. I briefly was able to hear her voice as she Skyped from the airport to let me know they all found each other.
I have lost count of how many times I have heard her coming down the hallway. Of how many times just today I have gone to her room to tell her something. Of how many comments I started to make and then realized no one would "get" but her.
Don't let anyone ever tell you that parenting doesn't mean sacrifice. Since the day I held my first child 28+ years ago, I have willingly, cheerfully, lovingly put aside thinking of me first to think of someone else first. I imagine I will keep doing so as long as these four people walk the earth--or as long as I do, at least. Is there a bigger gift to give each other than loving them enough to do what it takes to help them be happy? (Good gawd, Tami, you used to be a writer, but that sentence may destroy your entire reputation.)
I am off to take 15 minutes on the couch to rest this ridiculously swollen throat. But as I close my eyes, my heart is lighter because as much as I miss her, I am even more excited for her and what awaits her. She may be THERE, but she is also RIGHT here.


Ami said...

The grammar police don't read blogs. They're busy.

Glad she arrived safely.

Nomadic Nicole said...

I will always be right there silly. Do you remember how Serius Black had a mirror and gave a twin one to Harry so they could think of each other? (SO what if they were magic mirrors, that is beside the point!) Just look at your Romeo, since I have one too. If you need to ask him, "Mirror, mirror on the wall...." feel free to do so! I know he'll answer right!