Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hearing Loss versus Sleep

So, the other night I ended up, as you know from following my every essential word, sleeping on the couch because we had the dog and she wouldn't stop snoring.
Tonight I am in the living room for the same problem--but this time it is Joseph. Joseph . . . the man who virtually never snores (although he exhales louder than a freight train sometimes) is snoring. And LOUDLY. And so here I am, at 4 a.m., sitting in the living room working on an assignment. I know it is smarter to come downstairs and just crash on the couch, but most of the time, I don't feel sleepy plus I know that I will lose these hours later when I do sleep and then I will be behind again. So, yup. Just finished one passage, and starting on the next.
I have always been an auditory person, and haven't minded, but times like this I despise it. I want to lay in bed and just IGNORE the sound, concentrate on the music playing under my pillow and let go . . .but I CAN'T. I like music, wind chimes, the cat's purr, the wind, rain . . . . but NOT snoring. And no, ear plugs don't work with me. They hurt and drive me nuts. Same with ear buds.
I have already lost about 60 percent of the hearing in one ear years ago and on nights like this, I find myself wishing it had been a little more.
However, I will work a little longer and finally curl up on the couch and drift off to the sound of my iTunes playing softly, the dryer tumbling clothes in the garage, the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, and the occasional "ping" the computer makes when an email comes in.
Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...
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Lelanae said...

I am partially deaf in my left ear. I love it.
I roll on my right side, put my great grandmother's mushy old pillow over my head and can't hear a thing.
Snore away!

Derrick said...

I had a bout of hearing loss last year. Basically I was stuffed up and it went into my ears. Couldn't hear a damn thing. Was the most peaceful 2.5 months of my life.


Derrick "Nope" "what??"

Oh, to be sick again..

Anonymous said...

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