Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kindness--Pass It On

I really, really like surprising people with something nice they didn't expect. (Yes, I am a HUGE hit at Christmas. :) ) Case in point . .. today we went to one of the billion fast food chains and ordered some quick lunch. It seems like good service at a drive up is almost unheard of anymore. Either the person is bored, impatient, can't hear us, we can't hear him/her, we speak different languages, the sound system is lousy--or a number of other reasons. This guy though--clear, patient, helpful. We pulled around and he was this young guy with a big smile. We thanked him for excellent service and dear heavens, the young man was actually humble AND gracious. As we pulled away, I said to Joseph, "Let's tip him!" So we pulled back around and asked if it was permissible to tip him. He said yes, but it wasn't necessary. We handed him $5 (for a $20 order) and he just lit up. I am not sure anyone had ever tipped him before and he was just virtually speechless. We smiled and said, "Merry Christmas".

Then, all the way home, Joseph and I came up with a list of other things we could do like that. I am already feeling the holiday spirit!

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