Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Quarter Reading List

As the first quarter of the year comes to an end, I am astonished to see that I have read 15 books already. When I was a teenager, this number would have shocked me, since I typically read that many in a single month. However, as mom and wife and full time writer, my free time is pretty limited, and so, for the last four years, I have averaged about 39 books a year, or less than one a week. This year is a definite improvement. It has not been because my workload is less, but because, thanks to Joseph's incessant pushing, I take an hour out each evening to sit in bed and read with him. It's peaceful . . just us, classical music on the radio and books.

Here is a list of what I have read so far. I would rate all of them A's and B's except one, which I will note for you. Wanna know my thoughts on any of these titles? Leave me a message!

Prepare to Die!/Tobin (favorite one of the year so far--read it!)
Niceville/Stroud (odd, but fascinating)
The 37th Hour/Compton (predictable mystery)
Desert Places/Crouch (creepy as always)
Warm Bodies/Marion (fun take on zombies and eager to see the movie now)
The 13th Hour/Doetsch (really great way to approach a thriller--in opposite order)
Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie/Bradley (adorable main character)
Eyes Wide Open/Dekker (although I'm atheist and he's a Christian writer, I've always enjoyed his novels. Not anymore. The last two I read were awful, and this one was just . . . . confusing, boring, and pointless.)
Rook/O'Malley (darn fine read--like a Secret Service for supernatural characters)
The Borrower/Makkai (implausible to the point of losing interest eventually)
Brain on Fire/Cahalan (fascinating autobiography of going crazy and getting better)
Ferocity/Knight (Jaws with a musky fish . . cliche but just so much fun)
The Wild Thing/Eggers (novel version of Sendak's classic)
The Con Job/Frobeck (novel version of the Leverage TV show; predictable, but love the characters, so I didn't mind too much)

What have you read lately that you think I should add to my list?

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